Letter to a Friend

Dear Bfriend,

You can count on me. Like 1, 2, 3 I’ll be there! And that’s what friends are supposed to do oh yeah!

Friends are strangers at first. You met them by just a simple hi and hello. By just keeping a smile while asking them what is their name.

By that effortless acquaintance, we started to keep up memories together – doing assignments, preparing school reports, practicing school presentation, window shopping, eating, short traveling, stalking, teasing and even dreaming together.

For how many seconds, minutes, hours, days and years passed in our life, we cannot deny that we bring laughter, happiness, and enjoyment with each other’s arms. Choos! But just like a real couple relationship, there were always be a time that we won’t understand each other. A time that the two of us wants to have space and know our preferences.HAHAHAH And times to be stupid and sometimes wonder why those moments exist. Worst point, when comes when we hate each other because of insecurities from our strengths. BUT, there is always a precious time of ourselves to filter all our friends and evaluate to ourselves who matters and who deserves to be part of our small circle.

I am happy to have you as my bfriend, Ate Glenda Bayot. Soon to be Mrs. C. HAHAHA

Thank you for keeping me. Though we had a misunderstanding for a year still true friends learned to lower down their pride. I love you to bits bayoot!

Here are some of our pics.


Coz nagdrama pa man ta pag-graduation. Mao na hinuon ni ang nahitabo way traong pics na formal. HAHAHHA
Ringhop and Hooding Ceremony
Acquaintance Party. Malaki ang mga pisngi
Christmas Party at Joven’s Grill
The Original 3 bayots!
Hubog sa Tubig is Real. Alams na This!
Nutella is Love
Honor life

Looking forward for a new and fresh adventures together!

Your bfriend,

Gen (Bayotfriend)


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