About Me


I am a 22-year-old lass. I was born on February 8, 1995, and that made me an Aquarian. I was a perfectionist but later learned that perfection comes when you know how to appreciate the imperfection of things. I love to take risks and go for an adventure. I am a public servant being the youngest elected barangay official in town. I desperately want chocolates that basically describe my skin tone. I love blue that figuratively defines who am I – being sensitive and melodramatic. I want to share to the whole wide world what are my thoughts and travel experiences.


I believed that life is wonderful. However, it would be more wonderful if we know what are our purpose living in this colorful home. I am a believer that life is better when you are happy but life is at its best when people are happy because of you.


We are just an instrument of HIS kindness. We are blessed. Be a blessing.


Many of us wanted to have success but few people accepted failures. Little they know, that the moment they refused failure, they also refused success. Failing is just part of our success stories. Take Risk and Never Settle for Less.

Ghiene Fernandez


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I don’t know but ganahan ko muhilak aning imo short letter nako ba. Naka smile kog maayo. It has been years and as I recall today. You really are one of my best friends thanks for keeping me in your small circle now. I miss you too and love you to bits. Mwuaahhhhh I really hope to see you soon Gen 🙂


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