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The Best Wine Library in Cebu

“The greatest thing to unwind ourselves is through wine.”

I am not an alcohol addict. Never in my life, I drink alcohol up until I reached 22. That’s quite interesting, right? Since only a few young people nowadays un drink these kinds of beverages. I just kept on telling myself before, not to ever tried because as what I observed to my friends when having drinking session, they will get drunk and unconscious. They even laid down in the streets, shouted out loud and even danced or sang like no one is watching them. Some of them got tipsy easily and could not walk properly. There are some of them took advantage on their temporary scenario.

I generalized all the beverages. I thought even 1 glass will make you drunk already. To be honest, I tasted alcoholic drinks but never I drink 1 glass of it because of its bitter taste. Sorry, for mentioning this one! This is not an offense to those who love beers, Rhum and more. I am just stating what I had tasted.

One night, I was curious why there were many people who kept on visiting a pretty good looking Italian Resto in Cebu, La Vie Parisienne. I noticed that place quite some time already but, I just took it for granted. I even went there but just to accompany some of my friends from Manila.  But that night, made me challenged myself to break the golden rule and decided to go there and drink. Indeed, everything changes when I was able to drink the wine in Cebu. The sweet and chilled grape flavored 4.0% red wine Shanpelino tasted so good! The price was reasonable and from that first taste of their wine, it multiplied to glasses of wines a week already. The awesome ambiance plus the pleasing place to go for a date is a very good way to end your night. I have been into this place many times already and I can consider myself as a returned customer. Though, I always control myself in drinking and not go beyond my alcohol limit. Always one bottle only for 2-3 people. HAHAH. It’s just always gathered, talked and had a good drink is the best to unwind from a busy day.

The resto has various wine being displayed for you to choose from. Wine prices differ. There are cheap, affordable and expensive wines and alcoholic drinks to boil your soul for a night. Prices start at Php280 for one wine bottle. But one thing is for sure, prices are reasonable. Aside from wine, you can also order bread and pastries such as French croissant and many more Italian inspired food that will surely satisfy your taste buds and of your stomach!

La Vie is located in Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City besides the latter Day Jesus Christ Church. It is along the road and very accessible to transportation.

When you have a bad day or much more a good day, this place is a yes for your hang out session.

Some of our photo ops in the place.


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