“Love at First Train”

“If there’s love at first sight, for me, love at first train will do.”

Some might get annoyed hearing LRT (Land Rail Transit) and MRT (Metro Rail Transit), maybe because of the poor management of the government on this public rapid transportation. But since Filipinos don’t have a choice to avoid the heavy traffic in the Metro, so, they have to take a ride in the said train.

Out of curiosity hearing those bad feedbacks, when I went to Manila, I promised to myself that I have to ride a train no matter how busy my schedule was. I needed to find a way to insert this new ride experience to mark this out from my adventure’s checklist. It’s because of no train in Cebu! LOL!

So, my friend accompanied me to ride through MRT. Before reaching to the train stations, we rode a jeepney up until we reached the terminal. We paid Php20 for the train card to have an access to the train station. We are located in the 4th station. Well, it took us around 15-20 minutes to wait and decide what train should we ride HAHAH because previous trains that passed by was already full.

Since I wanted to try so I have to to take the risk of waiting. Kasi nga pagmahal¬†at gusto mo dapat marunong kang maghintay. There’s always a reward after waiting in the right time. #HugotSaTrain.

My first train experience was great. You can surely see through my eyes how happy I was that time. Even though I’m standing and made a jam with the people inside the train, the feeling of the first time was super amazing and fun!

I took many pictures as many as I can. Much more, ergo, our transport system needs to be improved.




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