Dear Boys

Dear Boys,


Boys, girls are not toys!

She said yes to you because she trusted, believed and see herself with you in the future. Now, if you are just courting her for fun. Oh, believe me! You should stop that damn thingy!

Woman look for a man to help her secure her insecurities and comfort her in times of need. NOT to hurt her and then eventually leave! Then, the last laugh would be yours after all those pretending to cherished moments with her? WTF! If she won’t be your forever and you just made shit to her, I pray karma would be yours forever! You guys think girls are toys. Well, in fact, not! Girls are humans who have emotions. Once broken, it would affect her decision making and everyday moves!

So, if you cannot give a full commitment. STOP IT!
If you cannot see yourself with her in the future BETTER STOP!

If you will just say to her “let’s try” every time she asked if you can see her in the future. But deep inside you don’t do it, you don’t believe it. Holy crap! STOP!

If she is not included in your plans. DAMN YOU! STOP THAT!


It is difficult for a woman to assume, wait and pretend that this man who is always beside her would be hers forever. Girls would be a damn loser for some time but if you are not sure for her, CUT IT SHORT! It’s just the same analogy on why you have to lengthen your hair when you still have to cut it short! You are just wasting her time that is supposed to be productive for her career. She lost her time, her money and effort! SHE LOST HERSELF!

Now, boys, if you are unsure, tell her to find yourselves first! A relationship is not for fun! It is not intended to impress anyone else just to be called cool kids and most especially not an alibi to be not called a turtle in terms of a girl hunting from your friends!

Memories would still be kept. You can be good friends. But you are a more damn loser if you yourself pretend to be with someone else who you can’t see in the near future! SHIT ON YOU! Don’t take it too long, dude!



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