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Magnificent Malapascua

Sand and Sun

Summer has just begun!

Oh, April 1 is a Fool day for some! But for us cool barkadas, we just started our Summer adventure! Hooray for a new bonding! How worried we are days before our scheduled trip because a thunderstorm is hindering our excitement towards this tanned skin achievement. But for the love of our OFW friend who came back to Cebu, travel is greater than Bad weather (Travel>Low Pressure).

Well, things truly happen when you believe. And it does! Mr. Sunny is with us on April 1. No one can stop us to touch the tip island of Cebu, Malapascua, Logon, Daanbantayan!

Well, Malapascua is a separate islet from the mainland of Cebu. It brings charm to every tourist who landed in this small beautiful paradise.

Since I and my amo likes road trip so much, we challenged ourselves to ride his Raider 150 Motorcycle towards North from Cebu City. We passed by Mandaue City, Liloan, Consolacion, Compostela, Danao, Carmen, Borbon, Sogod, Tabogon, Bogo, Medellin and finally Daanbantayan.

By the way, we had a quick stopped in Liloan to buy masi, a kakanin that is soft, chewy and sticky filled with crushed peanuts. I find this food delicious and I also considered this as my reliable partner in times of no meal before long trips. Mentioning about the meal, we decided to stop over in Carmen Bastap to eat breakfast. This is the usual stopovers stations of those passengers to and from Northern Cebu. So, if you’re curious what can I recommend for you to eat there, better try their Fish Tinola. It is quite costly about Php 50, but it is worth for your hungry tummy.

After the eating session, back to road trip adventures and mind you, it took us 3 hours to reach the place including the series of stopovers. So, if you’re heading to North all alone with your private vehicles don’t worry because their road is big and accommodating for a long ride.

Actually, we’re five in this trip. Our 2 friends rode a van from North bus Terminal and they traveled the night before. They paid Php 150. While one friend is from Daanbantayan, he is our trip host. This is for saving purposes. HAHAHA.


Since our friends are in Tinubdan, Daanbatayan so we stopped in their house to leave our motorcycle. From there, we rode a tricycle to bring us to Maya Port and we paid Php 50 per head for this 30 – 45 minutes trip. From Maya Port, we paid another Php 100 per head for a boat fare leading us to the mysterious island of Malapascua.

From Maya Port, it would take you 1-hour trip before you can touch and start your tanned-skinned adventure. Lol! Here you go MALAPASCUA!

We stayed at Malapascua Legend Watersports Resort. All their rooms are good for 2 with free breakfast and wifi. It ranges from Php 1,500- Php 5,000 depending on your budget. Every excess person, you have to pay Php 500. Their resort has a private pool and has beach volley court. It is a beachfront resort.

Well, there are many hotels on the island that can accommodate you, like there is a backpackers type for only Php 400 per head in a bunk. However, I will recommend having your stay in the resort that we’ve checked in.

Since we don’t have lunch yet, we had our lunch in the seaside. Take note, we bought food on our way to Maya Port.


To enjoy our first day on the island, we had our first dip in their sea and Legend’s pool.

After a short day swimming, we had a sight-seeing of the place and looking for an affordable restaurant. We found this Ging-Ging’s Restaurant. Their main dish starts at Php 60. It’s the cheapest restaurant we found on the island. We only paid Php700+ good for 5 persons. Though, it takes time while waiting for your food to be served but still sumptuous and satisfying!

After our dinner, we enjoyed the rest of the night through a portion of alcoholic drinks and card games! By the way, there are night disco bars that you can have your party sessions.

On our day 2!

We’re so much excited for this day and we’re calling again the presence of Mr. Sun to cooperate for our adventure. And again, the answer is YES! We eventually had our snorkeling activities. We went to Bantigue, Dakit-Dakit Islands, Lighthouse and the Japanese Ship or shipwreck.

On our way to our destination, we experienced very strong and big waves. That’s too scary! Well, the tour guide said it is normal since we were located in the open sea at that time!

In Bantigue, we collected lots of seashells and had a snorkel of sea creatures. While in Dakit-dakit Island, my friends had fun diving in a 12 ft sea. We collected Php 10 under the sea. Sounds amazing!  HAHA. Of course, in the lighthouse, we had short pictorials and lastly, we observed the long and old Japan ship. It is quite scary maybe souls would rise up to scare you! HUHUHU. It’s  a shipwreck!

For these activities, we paid Php 440 per person including the snorkeling gears. That’s quite cheap compared to other operators.

Sad to say, we haven’t able to capture our under the sea moments. However, as they said that the best moments are not captured by a camera. And we jokingly said because we don’t have any Go-Pro. HAHAHA

Anyway, that was a 3-hour sea activity and we’re able to roam around Malapascua already.

There are many activities that you may enjoy in Malapascua. As for some foreigners, they went there for diving since this is one of the beautiful diving spots in Cebu. The Monad Shoal is located in Malapascua, it is the Shark Point and considered to be world’s famous diving site. Thus, Malapascua has many threshers sharks. We haven’t seen it since you have to dive them. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to dive a higher depth. So, pity to us! Anyway, we had a great sea adventure then. For those who are interested in diving to see the sharks, you can pay Php1,500 per person.

From Malapascua, there are also boats who can bring you to an island hopping to Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte. That would be great for your next 2-hour activity sea travel if you have enough time and money. You can also buy souvenirs on the island for Php 50 – 4,000.

And with that, this island has a special place in my heart with the lovely people I’m with during the entire trip.

Truly, Malapascua is a gem of Daanbantayan!

On our way home, we decided to take another road. Our ride’s route was via San Remigio, Tabuelan, Tuburan, Asturias and Finally Balamban! That was so far the best long ride we had.

P.S. For a worry-free road trip, we downloaded app. It is an offline map that we used all throughout our trips!

Looking forward to you summer adventures too!


Any comments, questions, suggestions or recommendations for this blog. Please feel free to post.


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