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Captivating Cordova

If you are unique, creative and peculiar then you can always get people’s attention.

This what made this new cafeteria a must go to every Cebuano!

Just like any other locals, I am also curious and excited about the recently known new site established in Cordova, Cebu. The 10, 000 roses! I am not so sure if there are really 10, 000 roses since I was not able to count all of them. All, I know that these artificial LED light flowers are captivating!


To be exact, this 10, 000 roses is the facade and exterior design of the cafeteria. Since it is truly amazing, it captures the attention of the people.For only Php 20 you can already get a chance to visit this LED light garden beside the seaside. The cooling atmosphere plus their sumptuous food would be worth of your time.


Since this 10,000 roses cafe only offers frappes, beverages, and sandwiches, you may take your heavy meal in the adjacent restaurant, Lantaw Floating Restaurant. The scenic view is good facing the city specifically the South Road Properties. The price ranges of their food are Php 700 – 1, 000 good for 2 persons already.

Now, how to go to Cordova if you don’t have private owned vehicle. You may ride a jeepneys or vans from SM, Parkmall or ride a ferry boat from Cebu Port Authority piers bound to Opon then ride jeepneys to Cordova. As for us, from Labangon, Cebu it took us 1 hour of travel using a motor bicycle.

I am hoping that you will enjoy your trip in Cordova!


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