Bodacious Boracay

Boracay is one of the premier tourist destinations in the country. It is known by the local and foreign tourists because of its powdery white sand that could unwind them from the hustle and bustle cities, tiring work and challenging life matters. Aside from that, Boracay not just only offer good beach but also extreme marine sports adventure that highly entice tourist to visit the place. These simple tourist offerings made this island world class. It accommodates thousands of tourists in a day. Thus, its tourism industry is the government’s main source of income.

Last February 2017, I was given a chance to visit the place. I was assigned to do transport system observation. Voila! I had a side trip of travel, adventure amidst the business trip. Despite the work-related activity, I was still able to enjoy the lovely place of Boracay!

As we head to the place, we rode an airplane via Caticlan. And since, our scheduled flight is too early, thus, we checked in first in Waterfront Hotel Aiport.

Boracay is a separate island from the mainland, Malay. Thus, you have to ride a boat in Caticlan for you to reach the beautiful island. Caticlan is the gateway to Boracay Island.

Upon arrival in Caticlan Airport, we are now heading to Caticlan Port. We rode motor engine tricycle that cost Php 50 including the boat fare. Boat fare is Php 25 only. Upon reaching the port, you are obliged to pay terminal fee Php 100.00 and environmental fee Php 75.00. It only took 10-15 minutes for you to step Cagban Port, Boracay.

2017-02-18 09.34.55 1.jpg

Upon arrival in the port, there are various modes of transportation that will bring you to your hotels like tricycles, electric trike, vans and golf carts. For golf carts, it is usually upon reservation of the hotel since it is private owned. When you commute, you have to pay Php 20 per person but if chartered, Php 100-150. As for us, our hotel accommodation is in Boracay Holiday Resort located in Station 2.

Boracay is composed of 3 barangays – Yapak, Balabag and Manoc-manoc. And their beaches is divided into 3 stations- Station 1, 2 and 3.

Station 2 is the most lively station while Station 3 is intended for marine adventures.

Snaps of my travel.

During Sunset. Walking on the beach.

Exploring the island at night

There are many fun activities during night time that may awaken your sleepy head such as fire dancing, live bands, clubbing, wine drinking for Php 60 only, night strolling at the beach side for 15 minutes and along your way you get a chance to take a picture Boracay Sand Name Castle for only Php 20. By the way, Boracay has only 1 existing mall, D’ Mall. There are many hotels, restaurants, resto bars on the beach side that may suit your budget. But mind you, this island is expensive. HAHAHA

Early morning, I went to Puka Beach. It is super awesome beach and it is located in the tail of the island. That’s why you can see big waves already. In that area where you can see Carabao Island. From Station 2, you are going to pay Php 150 by riding a tricycle.

From Puka Beach, I went to their mini zoo and Mount Luho. It is the highest peak of the island where you can be able to see 360 degrees the whole island of Boracay. That’s pretty cool. Entrance Fee is Php 120 per head

Your Boracay exploration would be more wonderful if you come to witness their sailing boats upon sunrise and sunsets.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without trying their hair braid ala Boracay for Php 250 and their marine sports activities. As for me, I only tried their parasailing with speed boating for Php 1, 300 and helmet diving for Php 400. This island offers plenty marine adventures like banana boat, island hopping, kite surfing, fly fish and many exciting marine sports activities. Take note that prices vary if you are local or foreigner.

Overall, this island exceeds beyond my expectations. Hopefully, I can kiss again this powdery sand beach together with my loved ones so soon! Looking forward!

To you Boracay, Thank you for that AMAZING travel. Indeed, It’s more fun in the PHILIPPINES!

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