Beautiful Bantayan: Year-end special

So 2016 has to bid goodbye! 2016 was not the best year for me but it taught me to wait and be humbled. It taught me that not everything will be yours. It’s true, life is like a wheel sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re at down. This freaking 2016 brought me a lot of learning from financial education, youth gala, love risk, personal career crisis and family misunderstanding. That was super great! Though 2016 was not a year for an award or career achievement but it helped me to build myself. To go out from the shell and discover me even more. Self-achievement unlock, indeed! Despite unlucky 2016, I still deserve a wander treat before this year ends. Of course, with me is my amo. Bantayan Island for the 2nd time! Sounds good! Woohoo!


From my hometown, Balamban we rode Corominas bus bound to Tuburan. Bus fare is Php30 for student and Php40 for regular. It was an hour travel. Since peak season so we’re standing from Balamban to Asturias. Still not bad for us since we love adventures even it is tiresome. HAHAHA

From Tuburan, we rode Ceres Bus bound to Cebu City via Lugo, Borbon. Since, there is no public transportation that will transport us directly to Hagnaya Port, San Remigio via Tabuelan. HUHUHU so we don’t have a choice but to take the bus to Lugo crossing. Bus fare is Php25 and it took you about an hour again to reach Lugo, Borbon. But before reaching the place you still have to pass 2 municipalities Tabuelan and Sogod. And buses will have to stop over in Tabuelan.


So, it’s quite a long trip if you commute. Much better if you bring your own vehicle for a faster trip.

Upon arrival in Lugo crossing, you have to take another bus to Hagnaya Port, San Remigio. But you don’t have to worry if up until what is the last trips since it’s 24/7. All the buses going to North and Cebu City have to pass by Lugo crossing, Borbon. So, we rode another Ceres Bus bound to Hagnaya Port. Bus fare was Php40. Trips would take you 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours. Again, the best part of traveling during peak season is the standing ovation trip. HAHA. So from Borbon, you have to pass Tabogon, Medellin, Bogo then, finally San Remigio!

From Hagnaya Port you have to ride a barge bound to Sta. Fe, Bantayan. Php 170 for regular and Php 150 for the student including terminal fee. So Hagnaya port has a trip scheduled every hour starting from 3:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. It took additional 2 hours of travel before you can land on the beautiful island of Bantayan.


At last! After how many hours of trips. Finally, I can be free from the hustle and bustle town of Balamban.

The good thing is I have a friend and former classmate, Marda, who welcome us into their home. She also served us our tour guide/mommy/friend at that time. She’s so kind!

Bantayan Island is composed of 3 municipalities – Sta. Fe, Bantayan, and Madridejos. Aside from the stunning beach view and white sand what we loved the most is their fresh, cheap, and affordable seafood. Imagine, 1 kilo of crablets for Php20? 1 kilo of scallop for Php 40? 1 1/2 kilo of dried fish for only Php100? We even ate a shark for only Php60. That’s pretty cool! That’s HEAVEN for seafood lovers like us!

Because of food, we’re stuck for half an hour because of heavy rain and wind. But after that unexpected weather, happy feet resumed. We went to their scenic spots.

  1. St. Peter and Paul Bantayan Parish Church

Aside from seafood, Bantayan island is also rich in heritage site such as this church. This is the oldest parish church in Visayas and Mindanao.

2. Improvised and Recycled Christmas Tree at Bantayan Park

Since it’s Christmas season, they had many Christmas decorations and it includes their Christmas Tree Contest.

3. MJ Square and other bars and restaurants

If you want to chill and have some food to eat. Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island has many bars and restaurant for you to visit from one place to another. This town is considered to be mini-Boracay in Cebu.

4. Kota Beach

This beach was known because of the movie entitled “Camp Sawi. They had beautiful facade in their rooms. We visited the place during night and morning to see the real view of the place.

5.  Sta. Fe Beach

The beautiful sunrise plus the white sand. Perfect for photoshoot before swimming. HAHAHA

6. Sta. Fe churches

Two churches faced each other. The church of Roman Catholic and Iglesia ni Cristo. So weird, right?

7. Kota Park, Madridejos

Aside from Kota Beach in Sta. Fe, Madridejos has a Kota Park. This was served as a hidden place of the Spaniards before. Basically, from Bantayan to Madridejos you have to travel 30 minutes using motorcycle. If you’re from Bantayan or Sta. Fe, you may commute through riding a jeepney or bus. Such a lovely place to visit also.

8. Ogtong Cave Resort


Anyway, we haven’t really get inside Ogtong Cave but entrance fee is Php 100 where you can enjoy the pool, the cave and the beach. We didn’t get inside since we only have limited time left and maybe we cannot enjoy our entrance fee. So, we decided to check out the beach near Ogtong. It’s for free! Well, much more better than we expected! Ayeee! Swimming under the hotty sun! Here, you can witness the nice shading of the waters. It’s clean and clear!

9. The Ruins

As they said, this was an old haunted house but got ruined. It became famous because of “Camp Sawi” movie.

We wished to stay longer in Bantayan Island to visit Majica, Bantayan Church bell tower, and some other places. But, hello! 2017 is calling us!  It’s still much better to welcome 2017 in your home wrapped with a complete family. 

Have a Happy new year everyone!

P.S Bantayan Island is a little bit crowded during summer. A lot of tourists will visit the place. For more updates, yyou may follow me on my Instagram @imgenfernandez



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