Hidden Aloguinsan Beach

Sparing your weekend for a new place to visit is always worth of your time. No matter how far and how rocky the road ahead of you. As long as you know you gotta enjoy the place, there’s no reason for you to back out. Especially if you are having fun on your way finding the right direction to reach the planned destination.

Visiting a hidden place is somewhat enjoyable. I’m referring to the hidden beach in Aloguinsan. 

We went to Aloguinsan last December 2015 to celebrate our Christmas Party. Since we have a tight budget we need to look for a venue that suits our financial status. Chadaaaa! We reached Aloguinsan hidden beach. From Cebu City, we rented a van and passed via Carcar City. That was a long trip! Ughh! We were having a hard time locating the place. Indeed, a hidden beach. Lol! Luckily, there’s a small signage just in the corner of the road hung in a big tree giving the right direction. But oops! It took us a 10-minute ride from the main road to reach the beach. HAHAHA. A Lil’ bit far plus rocky road. Anyway, no matter how far, this view is still worth to find! Gosh! Who would have thought that behind the long road there is a cliff and behind it is a beautiful white sand public beach?


We rented a small non-airconditioned room. Guess? It is only for Php 900. So cheap right? We’re 10 people at that time plus free usage of kitchen utensils and cottage near the beach. The researcher is good! HAHAHA, Suits the budget.

Our rented room with porch

While waiting for the dinner to be served. We were also busy taking pictures of the place, preparing for our Christmas presentation, setting up the tent and cooking for dinner.

We’re ready for Dinner! Coz our tummies are hungry already!

Much more ready for our mini program and presentations! We danced, laughed and sang the whole night! 

And the funniest and craziest games starts!

We played eggplant relay. And our team won! Yeeeey!

Another game was called ice melting game and whoever melts the ice first would be declared as the winner. Hey! Sir Jonie won!

Last game was Christmas Tree Decoration wherein you have to improvised decorating a Christmas Tree out from the things you can see in the corner. Guess? We won! Hahaha. Because the explanation is so good! Lol!

The most awaited part is the JEC Got Talent when we showed off our hidden talents in a hidden beach. That was awesome!

Down to the traditional exchanging of gifts!

And the rest was history! What happened in Aloguinsan, stayed in Aloguinsan. 

Though we only had a simple Christmas Party. But the most important party is we truly celebrate the true essence of the season which is to share the love to one another. Had fun in this beautiful hidden beach in Aloguinsan! You too should visit here!

Have the plan to visit the place? Comment or send me a message! Looking forward to knowing your memories in the hidden beach.


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