Moalboal: A Paradise in the South

Every summer we will always crave for a perfect beach that will make us have happy toes and tanned skins! 

If you are an adventurer looking for an aqua paradise, this destination satisfies your hype for aqua venture!

Tara! Let’s have fun in the paradise of Moalboal, Cebu!

Last Summer 2016, our company decided to have an overnight stay in Moalboal Beach to hold our Summer Outing and Teambuilding Activity. Witweew!

We rented a van to transport us from Cebu City to Moalboal via Barili. We encountered a heavy traffic in Carcar City. Like, we’re stuck for almost an hour. Huhuh. And that made us super hungry. Our tummy is calling for food. HAHAHA With that, we just decided to have a stopover in Barili Milk Station to take our lunch. This milk station sells cow’s milk ice cream and pastries. You must have a try and stop in this mini shop if you’re going to South. Their ice creams taste best when still frozen.

When everyone is full and had enough conversation in the table. Tandininin! Finally, on our way to Moalboal! Excited na kaayo ang mga dikya! Heheh

Welcome to Moalboal! This picturesque sunset view welcome us all!


Finally arrived! Time to relax first since in a little while, we will be having our Summer activities till midnight.


After everything is set, dinner and materials intended for activities! We are now ready to start our proper Summer Outing program.

After eating, we went back to our room to have a short program intended for those individuals who will already say goodbye to the company. And it included me HAHAHA.

Smiling but deep inside crying! Goodbye dikyas!

So true. We got emotional at that time. Well, we went in Moalboal to enjoy and have some fun. So we stopped the drama. Hey, looked what we’re up next!

After series of games. The Game is over! HAHAH. All of us our losers! We had a powder party then. Hahah The rest of the night was full of memories to remember already. No camera. Just do everything you want. What happens in Moalboal, stays in Moalboal. HAHAHA

Lights off for Day 1.


What a nice and beautiful morning. Waking up with God’s creation.Hellooo white sand beach!

Why I joined this Summer outing? The next activities will explain. These activities made my day super happy!

Wotwot! The whole gang will be traveling to Pescador Island! Yeeeey! This is ultimately a happy pill for the lazy girl! Yeee! Even not good at swimming but seeing the aqua paradise made me hyped!

Who’s happy when we finally reached Pescador? Of course the DOLPHINS!

We had a dolphin watching for about 10 minutes.

And yeees! On our way to snorkeling!



Sardines of fish

So sad, I haven’t got some of the pictures. But truly, the place was so cool and awesome! Indeed, a paradise! We went to Panagsama Beach in Moalboal where it is the site for diving. There we saw sardines. We’re able to witness sea turtles, coral reefs and of course colorful fishes. There were many jellyfishes also in the seaside.

After swimming and snorkeling, we are bound to pack up our things to go home!

Gift, Mike, Joe, Sir Jonie, Miss Wennie, Masami, Tina, Wada, Me, Amo and Joy
Jellyfish family
With amo
That’s me
With Miss Wennie, our manager

I will miss you Jellyfish! Thank you for all the memories we’ve shared together!


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