Lovely Leyte

Invading the eastern part of Visayas. Exploring the land from where our real roots came from. At last, Leyte I can touch you already! Chos!

My summer short vacay was spent in Leyte. It was just an instant travel since a good friend of mine invited me to visit their place in Baybay, Leyte to celebrate their annual fiesta. Mind you, the trip is for free! So, why not? Thinking of free food being set up in the table, new scenic spots to witness plus new looks to acquaint.Hooray for another adventure!

Day 1, a fast paced travel! 

We rode a fast craft scheduled to depart to  Ormoc City at around 5:30 a.m. Unfortunately, it departed around 6:30 a.m. We arrived at Ormoc Port 10:30 a.m. Then, we rode a van for Baybay, Leyte. The place was clean and so calm to live in. Their roads are wide. Sooo, provinceee here! When we arrived at Baybay, Leyte we immediately ate our lunch at Visayas State University Canteen.

That’s Kuya Joe, Me and Amo

Anyway, we only have a limited time, two days and one night only, to visit the place thus we decided to travel many places as much as we can. From morning till midnight. HAHAHA

The original plan was to first visit Palompon, Leyte. Since we arrived late because of some personal undertakings, no choice, but to let it pass and move to the next destination.

We roamed around Southern Leyte. Since no available cars. Tadaaaa! Motorcycle ang solution! We rode for about 2 hours. Somewhat like traveling from Balamban to Cebu City. My feet was really aching! Imagine? we’re 3 in the motorcycle. The two of them are big. Sigh! Huhu. I was like sandwicheeed and hindi masyadong mainit! HUHUHU

Riding in TRIndem

We visited the highest bridge in the Philippines. You’re right! Not the longest but the highest. The 84 meter- Agas-Agas Bridge in Brgy. Kahupian, Southern, Leyte. In that place, you can also fight for your fear of heights through riding a zip line. Unfortunately, at that time there was no zip line attendant. So sad, I was very excited naman sana. But heeey! Still very happy to reach the bridge.


From the top, we went to Canigao Island, a green islet near Matalom, Leyte. It was just a 15-20 minute ferry boat ride. The island has deep and clean blue waters. You can check out the whole place for just 15-minute walking.  It has a white sand where you can enjoy playing beach volley. There were many tourists visited the place at that time. Like more than 20 round trips of ferry boats from Matalom to Canigao. Somewhat, Canigao was overcrowded at that time.

To Canigao Here We go! Life Jacket for Safety Purposes.

Anyway, we didn’t swim instead, we ate lots of seafood! Like 2kg of shells for the 3 of us ONLY! Hahaha

A mandatory pose in the islet

Goodbye, Canigao!

We’re supposed to bound to our accommodation already but we came up to take a glimpse of the miraculous St. Anthony Church. We arrived there almost 7:00 pm and the church was closed already but thanks, God! The attendant allowed us to enter the said church.

St. Anthony Church

After a long day trip, we had a time chilling out in Ciudad Coffee and Bar.


That’s a wrap for our Day 1 in our Lovely Leyte Adventure! That was tiring but awesome!

Lights off!


Oh la! for another day trip!

We woke up as early as 6:00 a.m. to achieve all the itineraries.

We went to the top again to take a look of Baybay, Leyte from the mountain.

Then, after a refreshing snap tour at the top, we went to Aqua Azul Resort! Ready to swim! Yeeey! 


It is an infinity resort since their pool is just beside the sea. Their pool is clean and I had a great time swimming even I’m not good in it. Heheh. Still enjoying the day at the pool!

After swimming we went back to our accommodation, Forgot to mention that we were accommodated in Visayas State University Hotel. I was amazed of this notable school, Visayas State University since it has a variety of facilities.  The school is very big. It has 2 sides – mountain side and sea side. The school is the center for agricultural education and developmental communication. They have a forest, farms, plantation, etc. related to livelihood.They have a big amphitheater, spacious oval, pools, and variety of dormitories. They have numbered of basketball courts, lawn tennis courts, and other sports facilities. A super WOOOOW for this school.  Mind you, Education here is rated excellent.

Visayas State University Facade. Featuring Mt. Pangasugan

You know what? After we had a tour in VSU, I found out something new to my taste buds! They were selling carabao milk ice cream and carabao milk pastillas! I can’t help but buy and bring a pasalubong for my family!

Of course, since that day was Sunday we attended a mass. Then, after receiving the word of God, it’s time to receive another blessing from above finally! The most awaited part is the Lafang! The food! Happy Fiestaaaaa! Kainan naaaa!


Of course, tadaaaaa! Obligatory pose before we leave VSU.

Facade of VSU
Facade of VSU

I had a wonderful stay in Leyte! Thank you so much to our sponsor for welcoming us in their province! We may not have enough time, but we had enough memories to keep and forever be cherished!


‘Til next time Lovely Leyte!  

(P.s. I will post more pics soon. For the meantime, please bear with these pics since I still have to transfer from my flash drive hehe). You may follow me on Instagram @imgenfernandez for more updates.

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