’tis the season of loving and giving

Filipinos are family-oriented individuals, no matter how many misunderstandings that we have but still we are going to find our way back to the bonded stick – FAMILY. In every seasonal activity, I could strongly agree that this is a time for a family to chitchat, say hi hello or in short be UNITED. This is also a perfect time for us to show our love and care to everybody. 


During Christmas Seasons, we can observe flickering lights on a big Christmas trees, shimmering stars on a ceiling and attract Belen on the living room. We can also observe the air of sharing, loving and care to one another. This is also a moment for us to receive beautiful gifts, higher allowances, and wonderful surprises. Of course, the best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped in each other. Christmas is not only limited to each of our family but we can also expand to the whole community because Christmas is the season for lighting the fire of hospitality and the genial flame of charity in the heart. Thus, as a youth through the effort of my members, we decided to hold Bundles of Joy program during Christmas. It is a bridge for us to extend our love towards our fellowmen through giving used clothing to those unfortunate people. It is already a big blessing to them as we all know that giving gifts can build bond towards the receiver. It can also improve the emotional well-being of a person that they could say that they really feel the presence of Christmas since gifts are denoted for Christmas. By giving out gifts too, God will also give good gifts as well, since it shows kindness to others thus it can increase the prosperity of one’s life. Through this small way of giving and sharing gifts with other people is also a way for us to thank God for the blessing he has showered upon us. Well, I could say that it is not about the cost you’ve spent in giving gifts but it’s about the big smiles that you will see coming from those people who can’t afford to buy something.



This season is just only a reminder for us that even if it’s not Christmas but still the essence of giving, sharing and loving with one another is sculpted within us. Of course, these gifts that we received and gave are only a representation of the newborn Jesus Christ as a gift of love from heaven. May each of us is a wonderful gift to everybody through building a tighter relationship in order to have a peaceful society.



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