Opposite Angle

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was thinking about what would be the first assignment I’m going to do. But, I was also setting my mood on how to make those things happily. But, oops! a single message from my friend taught me on how to be sad. That’s quite awkward, it was really opposite of what I need that time. I was confused but I do mean it. 


  • Hate everybody around the world
  • Do all things that you want and none of your needs
  • Be depressed on those subjects that you unlike
  • Think that your study is blocking your way for your future job
  • Be alone and stick to your pride being proud of it and NEVER back down even if you’re wrong just for the sake of pride and its glory
  • Look at tears, love, family and friends as weakness, burden and as a wall blocking your goals
  • View life as a vain thing and without a hope, belief of good things and to come thinking you are just living to be alive and die without a purpose
…And if this is how you foresee your life through conflicting every good thing it has to offer, well CONGRATULATIONS! You are now PERFECTLY SAD :'((..


So what’s the point of posting these unbelievable suggestions? It is because if you find those things as inconvenient, hard and entirely boring… Then don’t turn around and around instead just turn to 180 degrees because opposing those written suggestions will be the way towards 
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Contentment
  • Determination 
  • Humility
  • Perseverance
  • Peace
 Therefore, it is our ROAD on HOW TO BE HAPPY.  We can’t deny the fact that everything we want to achieve has its opposing sacrifices. But, I do believe that we can find our way to successfully finish the maze of life. In the end, we will see that striving to be happy will actually make us happy not acting to be happy. Let’s just sit around the corner and wait for our turn to be happy. EXPLORE – ENJOY – EXPERIENCE
” We only live once :)”
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