Mangrove Planting

“He who plants a tree plants a HOPE”

If you talk about regional travel, most of my destination would surely lead towards Bohol. It is the place where I really want to refresh my mind because of its green environment, fresh air, historic places and calm aura. I really appreciate the scenario that I witnessed in the beautiful place. I truly believed that it is one of the provinces which really care about the environment. The sea is very clear and you can definitely see the fishes swimming within. Yes! That’s how Bohol goes green!

As many times I went back to the place, I always asked myself what I should do to somehow contribute to the beauty of nature. Fortunately, last summer a seminar about “Environment” was conducted by the local government unit of Balamban held in Bohol. By that time, we were tasked to make a project design for an advocacy towards helping Mother Nature in the midst of climate change. It ended up that my design was inspired by the green environment of the island of Bohol. It was all about planting, considering the fact that most of the youth want to plant trees but I chose to plant in the seaside. Thus, I came up to have a Mangrove Planting. It occurred because of my curiosity and eagerness to gain more knowledge about planting mangroves. Well, to be honest, this program is new for me because during my elementary and secondary years I used to plant Nangka seedlings. I do believe that these mangrove plants won’t just add the balance of ecosystem but at the same time, they protect vulnerable coastlines from wave action since they hold the soil together to prevent coastal erosion. It also shields inland areas during storms. It is also a big help since it can create a mini forest which provides homes for several species of plants and animals.

            In this little way of believing my determination that I can contribute to saving Mother Nature, it won’t be possible to make a certain move. I am just a young individual yet I do believe that there are lots of resources that are willing to help. It only needs a matter of intense push to achieve our goals. Instead of blaming anyone about the polluted society why not start within ourselves and organize a group who also has the same road of destination which is the passion for serving.

Kuya Rex of MENRO gave us a short discussion on how to plant mangroves





Some of my youth members during the Mangrove Planting



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