Health Comes First

“You only live once or shall we say Y.O.L.O” This is one of the most familiar clichés that we constantly heard from youth. Of course, youth want to enjoy, explore, and experience things to satisfy their curiosity. This is one of the big reasons why we are given life: it is for ENJOYMENT. Things that we are interested in make as fulfill our wants and needs but sometimes make as regret the things we have done. As per observation, some of the young individuals are heading to or already confined in a wrong path due to an encountered curiosity. These people were allegedly not well-guided by their parents or easily tempted by their peers. Thus, as a result, they lead to cut classes, get addicted to the internet, get addicted to drugs and even having an early marriage. Sad to say, this is somehow the face of the society nowadays since these are some of the serious problems that our community is encountering on.

With this observation, I realized that our youth needs awareness and guidance to gain more understanding about one of those problems being mentioned. I noticed that most of those problems were based upon using the illegal drugs. This unusual take of drugs would lead to chronic fatigue, impaired memory, lung cancer and even cause death. Thus I, together with the concerned youth, touched conducted Anti – Drug Campaign and Awareness Seminar. This could be a great help to educate the youth, to go back on the right path, to stop the bad habit and to warn the not users. This is an avenue to educate the youth about various drugs especially its effects. It would also be a bridge for them to understand the law enforcement such as penalties that waits if ever they can violate the societal rules. And of course, it teaches us to respect and take a better care of ourselves in order to live longer and healthier lives. By this simple way, we could touch the variety of lives, changed a perception of youth and help reach their goals.

As part of today’s generation, I don’t want that we, youth, be regarded as a liability to the society but an asset for a better community. We know that life is short but we need to know that no matter how short life is we can still enjoy the essence of life by not getting through those things that could destroy our humanity. Let be our health be a new high in our life.

I gave a welcome message to participants.
Sharing of Idea
Sharing of Idea
With the Police Officer
Our barangay captain shared an inspirational message
With the PDEA officer
The ever active youth members


Maricel, Venna, Karen and JM




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