Eat like a Viking

I super love Christmas since this is the season of foods! Who wouldn’t love food? Now, tell me! I guess. No one! Especially us Filipino youngsters would surely appreciate international cuisine. Much more if it is EAT ALL YOU CAN BUFFET!

When Viking Buffet Restaurant planned to open their next branch here in Cebu our group of friends decided to save up for this dollar restaurant. HAHAHA. Unfortunately, we have hectic schedules that made us not be able to meet yet. So sad.

Luckily, someone invited us to have a lunch in the Viking Restaurant!

Guess, who is happy? Of course meeee!

Saved money plus busog tummy!

Haha. Who won’t be excited when you enter the restaurant and desserts welcome you? Gosh! Sugar Rush! Tongue out!



When there were many foods being served and your like asdfghdgsg! What to eat first? All food looked tasty! From Filipino cuisine to Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Western, Italian and so on.  Well, I still have to taste their seafood and beef steak though since I have not seen any Calamares which is one of my fave food.



Plenty of juices that may fill your empty glasses. There is also unli-beer. But the juice that I loved the most was their winter strawberry mango juice!

Juice mo diha!
I’m holding the winter strawberry mango juice

What I like the most? Ofc, their desserts!

set of desserts
Kaya ko to! Mahurot lagi ka!
DougNOT eat all.



Sumptuous Lunch! Uhmmm!

And now, Happy me, Happy us!


Hay naku! I know, you know what happen next. After eating like a viking. LOL!

HAHAHA. Up until my next Viking eating!


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