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Citylights at Lantaw

“Good view. Good food.  Awesome night.”

I brought my colleagues at the top of the city for our Christmas Party since we’re just four, so we decided to have a simple dinner instead.

This is my 2nd time around but this place never failed me. The heavy traffic and long minutes ride to the top of the mountain is always worth it.

I’m in loved with the view as much as the cool breeze of the city. Chadaaaa!

Pina-M Pose since it’s too rare to be on top of the city. Choos!

My Japanese colleagues were super happy since Lantaw is a nice place for them. The view, the atmosphere, the people was great!

The F4 of the company
That’s me with our president. He was so noisy at that time expressing his amazement towards the place.
Commemorative photo with Rio san

After Lantaw, we went directly to MO2 to chill. Beers, Billiards plus soothing music.

Wacky pose

Full and Fun. Yeee! Achievement Unlock for the Christmas Party 2016!


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