Camotes Island

I and my partner love to travel so much. But, oops! restricted. It will always be with friends. HAHAHA so no choice! By group talaga!

The whole gang ofdsdf friends made lots of promises to visit each friend’s house. For my hometown, they’ve visited twice already. So, check na check. But for others, it always turned out failed. HAHAHAH. Daanbantayan, Camotes and Samar. Booo!

But not this time, when we found out a long weekend to travel. At last! I can feel the cool breeze of Camotes this time!

It doesn’t need to be a Summer season to enjoy the island life.

It was on the 26th day of August, Friday evening when we started packing our things since we were scheduled to leave from North Bus Terminal to Danao Port at 3:00 a.m. So early! Huhuhu. But for the sake of lakwatsa, it’s okay!

We leave from Danao Port to Camotes at 5:30 a.m. We only paid Php 200 for air-conditioned or tourist cabin. I enjoyed the trip so much because they were playing the movie of one of my fave actors, Aamir Khan. Meanwhile, my friends enjoyed their trip through sleeping HAHAHA.


Finally, at around 8:00 a.m we arrived at Camotes Port with love!

Camotes is a town composed of 3 islands: Tudela, Poro,and San Francisco.

Truly, they have lots of beautiful spots.

  1. Parish Church – Porta Sancta or Holy Door. It was said that if you wished in this church for the first time, your wish will come true. What I wished? Well, secret!


2. Buho Rock.

This place really rocks. Imagine myself jumping on a cliff in a wrong position? That made my body aches for 2 weeks. Ouch! Can’t moved well. Huhu. Anyway, I still enjoyed the view and the salty seawater.


Starting Jumping Point
One of the Boyz
Black Creation

3. Lake Danao Park

While at the lake, your friends are very noisy calling the crocodiles! Huehuehu. So scared basin uroy tinuod!



The Crocodile

4. Paraiso Cave

Very cool water plus an entertaining cave attendant. You have to pay Php 25 as entrance fee.


The very awkward pose

5. Timubo Cave

A cave below the Corn Farm. Amaaazing!

Third party! Goes to Sam. HAHHAHA


We ended our trip with a boodle eat fighting!

Look, who’s hungry? baby!

That was our day 1.

On our next day, we went to Santiago Bay Resort and ate at Pinto Restaurant. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos as of the moment. Huhuhu But that was a very nice beach. We had a delicious dinner because of Gambas viand.

The long weekend was awesome! I was really relieved from stress! More stories to tell. Hopefully, we can visit Catbalagogan Samar soon!

P.S. Hindi kami complete. One guy is missing. He is from Samar.

Siao! Thanks for reading!


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