“A place that you can feel a warm experience out from a cold place. “

Before I am going to share some of my travel adventures, please join me as I first introduced to you, my hometown, the shipbuilding capital of the Philippines, BALAMBAN! Ayeeee ❤

Every weekend I used to go home in Balamban after days of studying in school. It’s because para sa #bayan! I attended regular sessions during weekends in our barangay. But one weekend during the month of September 2014 was different. I brought my boyFRIENDS in my place! Hmm. Achievement unlocked for them since they really want to feel the coolness of Balamban. HAHAH. But bad for them since it’s not pure travel since it is just for project completion of our Sociology class and we were assigned to make a promotional video of the chosen place! And with that, we need an artist or ambassador. Of course, my official yayo, amo, and original BOYFRIEND is the instant artist!

A simple trivia Balamban is 48.3 km from Cebu City it is usually called as a “Little Baguio“. It is called by folks because of its cold temperature, foggy environment, zigzag road which forced you not to sleep on your way because you would probably think that you will be fell down on the cliff once the vehicle will make a single twist.

Oh la! Let me take you to the wonderful places of Balamban! Here we go!


  1. Tsuneishi Heavy Industries

Tsunieshi, the Capital Ship Building Company of the Philippines, which is located in Buanoy, Balamban, Cebu. This is one of the sources of town’s income wherein it constantly helps the town to boom towards a First class municipality in the Province of Cebu. (A glimpse of the factory from the mountain)


2. Adventure Cafe

If you are a sporty person then, Rappelling, Climbing, and Zip Lining will test your endurance, agility and balance along with your mental control. This would also an avenue to prove your confidence and determination or even to help you overcome or work through your fears.

Aside from that, If you are preoccupied and you want to release those stresses that bother on your mind. Oh! just get a plate, shout and throw it to the corresponding words on the wall which bothers and annoys you the most. Swear, you will be relieved just be sure you can hit the target!




shout3.  West 35

If you want to relax and unwind together with your family with a very relaxing atmosphere, cold climate, and fresh air to breathe in. West 35 Eco- Adventure Park is a place that could  surely say ” A Home Away from Home.”


4. Sweet corn

You must try to taste the sweet corn along the trans-central highway.



6. Wildwild west

Had a horseback riding. You can also try their ATV, Biking, Water biking Hamster and Fishing.


7. University of San Jose Recoletos

Of course, visiting a branch of our alma matter, USJ-R Balamban! We are proud Josenians!


These are just some places that you will engage as you travel in Balamban. We don’t have some pics of the other places as said this is a project completion. Anyway, you can try Canso X, Island in the Sky’s Cable car and hanging bridge, Cambuhawe Spring, Mt. Manunggal, Mt. Mauyog, Balamban Parish Church and Balamban Sports Oval.

Some snaps of our journey:






A place that you can feel a warm experience out from a cold place. 

Here’s the video link of our project:

Some photos credited to and Ceres Melodina Opura


P.S Follow me on Instagram @imgenfernandez for more recent updates.


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